StHISSSeymour is a dedicated, hard working individual. He believes in helping people and this photo proves it. He is on top of his cabinet and has decided to run for the office of President of the United States again. He can do no worse than the Bush administration did.   Seymour is one crafty cat. He can fix the economy and most of the  problems in this country.  Seymour's running mate for 2012 is Lou., a  110 pound Labrador. Full of energy, just what we need.  See in this world, "IF YOU WANT TO RUN WITH THE BIG DOGS, YOU'VE GOT TO VOTE FOR A CAT "tm  Seymour will bring change to Washington. Both the kind you have in your pocket and the kind you notice  throughout the world.  Seymour promises he will not recycle people from past administrations. His cabinet will be all new , however, they bring  with them a wealth of  knowledge.  Seymour said he will have a  miniature Pincher named Chocolate as head of the CIA as this animal's stealth and sneaky ways have gotten her more than she ever dreamed.  Imagine that kind of cunning, sneakiness , running our intelligence agency!!!  Seymour is very much interested in the environment and has extensive experience in the emergency services. Look through this site to learn more.
                  Currently, Seymour's campaign stops are limited to the front and rear windows where he can be seen and heard . However, plans are underway for Seymour to travel across the country to win this office.  Seymour is currently interviewing   other potential cabinet members for this journey to the White House. 
                  Seymour believes in honest , hard work and is against corruption.  Seymour will however, take campaign contributions from any fat cat that wants to give. Pictured below is TiggerOne of Seymour's friends and 
a fat cat contributor.  Seymour knows the road to the White House will be expensive and burdonsome. If you would like to contribute, you can send your donation to :Seymour for President,  1026 Burnley Ct. Bensalem Pa. 19020. For $10.00 you get a Seymour for President Tee shirt. $25.00 gets a sweatshirt.   $75.00 gets both and your photo posted on this web site..
   Seymour will travel to have lunch or dinner with fat cats and other friends in the near future. The donations are  $500.00 a plate, you get your photo taken with Seymour. For $1000.00 Seymour will  sit at your table for five minutes to hear your views. A table can be purchased for $10,000. $50.0000 gets you 30 minutes with Seymour to share your views on Americas future with him. We will be entertaining suggestions for lunchoens for Seymour in the future. To coorespond with the campaign office or to help volenteer for Seymour,
   Check back soon and send your check for your official Seymour merchandise today!. The road to the White House is now, for a better tomorrow!!!

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